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The company specializes in osseointegration: the integration of the implant with the bone through mesh and porous structures. Since 2018, we meet the ISO 13485 standard relating to the medical sector.

We wish to respond both the needs of surgeons and the diversity of different patients, their pathology and their bone structure by personalizing the implants. Our philosophy is focused on the client's needs and the solutions we need to provide them.



Tuesday - November 16, 2021
Neck generation innovation: How metal 3D-printed implants are helping injured racehorses

2019 - Journées annuelles de l'AVEF, TOURS 
Un cas d'arthrodèse cervicale utilisant un kit pour arthrodèse cervicale en titane issu de l'impression 3D.

19/12/2018 N° 200 | PRATIQUE VÉTÉRINAIRE ÉQUINE 2018
CHIRURGIE Utilisation des plaques verrouillées lors de fractures et d’instabilités cervicales chez le cheval

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